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Commitment to Revisions

main-screenWeekend of waiting…*SIGH*.  We’ve worked very hard on this application and hope that reviewers give it an  honest review when and if it comes out.  We also want everyone to know that we are committed to improving the product as well as fixing any errors you may encounter.

It’s been through 8 different major versions/revisions before it was submitted to Apple so you know we are dedicated.

The test has begun…

Have not injected meds since Tuesday.  Feel pretty good.  Leg was numb today – had some movement issues.  I can still move the foot but not as much as the other day.  It might take a couple days to get it out of my system.  Who knows…can’t be too harmful to do a 10 day experiment.

4 days off from Meds + electric shocking produces strange results

I decided to take a break from my daily injections (ok I forgot the 1st day 10/8/09) which snowballed into 4 days.  Day 2 of 4 – I tested the Walk-Aide for about 20 minutes of “shock” treatment.  The Walk-Aide worked well (very well) – further customization still needed if I can get one.  Next day without the Walk-Aide or meds.   Suprise!  I started to feel sensation in my foot and hand, my balance started to return to a more normal gate.  I could wiggle my fingers more rapidly than before.  I could lift my foot at the heal without help and point it towards my head (anti-Drop Foot).  What is going on here?  Is it the shock treatment?  Is it the days off of the injections?  Is the medicine adversely affecting me and causing the symptoms that it is intended to defend?

Drop Foot – It sucks, but there’s help!

Today I visited an orthopedic specialist to test out the “Walk aide”  I am astonished an amazed how well it works and I have found reason to get one as soon as possible.  What I’ve been missing for the last 4-5 months is walking correctly.  This device can help most, but  not all.  Cost?  $5,000 – $8,000 give or take….Depends on your Insurance situation.  But thats another issue – I am being told that 3-4 submissions, rejections and appeals is what it will take to get to the level that decides if it will be covered.  4+ months?  I can’t wait that long.  Quality of life and the potential for injuring myself with the current condition is too great.  So what should I do