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Drop Foot – It sucks, but there’s help!

Today I visited an orthopedic specialist to test out the “Walk aide” http://www.walkaide.com/.  I am astonished an amazed how well it works and I have found reason to get one as soon as possible.  What I’ve been missing for the last 4-5 months is walking correctly.  This device can help most, but  not all.  Cost?  $5,000 – $8,000 give or take….Depends on your Insurance situation.  But thats another issue – I am being told that 3-4 submissions, rejections and appeals is what it will take to get to the level that decides if it will be covered.  4+ months?  I can’t wait that long.  Quality of life and the potential for injuring myself with the current condition is too great.  So what should I do